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Is a Raw Dog Food Diet Safe For My Dog?

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A Raw Dog Food Diet Is Good for Your Dogs, BUT…

When you take the time to research Raw Dog Food, it won’t be long until you read the warnings.

While many knowledgeable resources are ready to advocate the BARF or Raw Dog Food approach, you will almost always be warned off by comments from Veterinarians and others about the potential hazards. These reasons fall into what I call the 3 B’s.

  • Bones
  • Bacteria
  • Balance

Dog Bones

The first a general warning about bones. Bones can break and bone

As originally promoted, a BARF diet included bones. A Dog and His Bone are a part and parcel of many people’s concept of dogs and appropriate dog behavior. And yet the cautions are not without merit.

As in all aspects of life there is risk in sharing a bone with a dog. The bone could splinter and a sliver could create serious damage to your dogs intestinal track. As a result most vets will take the cautious route and warn off on the feeding of bones. You may well want to take that advice to heart.

That doesn’t however preclude a raw dog food diet.

Bacteria Can Cause Disease

Raw food, if not handled correctly will inevitable become contaminated with bacteria. This is true for Human Food as well as Dog Food. While there is no doubt you do not want to serve your dog bacteriacontaminated food, there is no essential reason that you cannot keep raw dog food properly refrigerated and safe. You just need to be sure to do it.  There is an additional alternative. That is to use dried and freeze dried products that retain the essential nutrients and enzymes that are otherwise killed by cooking.

One final comment on this topic. Raw food when cooked is also subject to bacterial contamination. The only real answer is proper handling.

Making Sure Your Dog Gets the Correct Balance of Nutrients

The third major objection is the fear by the Vet’s that you will not give your dog the proper balance of food.  The fact is most humans do not get the proper balance of nutrition for their own diets, so this concern is not without some balance

The vets would prefer you not wing it with your Raw Food Diet, but instead rely on the proper balanced prepared food from a respected dog food supplier.

So does this mean a raw dog food diet is a bad idea?


However, It may well mean you should consider a prepared raw food diet from a respected supplier like Sojos.

Watch this video and note what they include in their products and why.  Listen for how they are concerned with providing Bio-Available foods.


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