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Your Dog Needs Water

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Hydration for Your Dog

Your dog’s nutrition is of utmost importance. There is no discounting this fact. However, did you know that water is even important than all the nutrients in the world? If your dog does not remain well-hydrated at all times, its health will inevitably suffer as a result.

Before anything else, let us try to dig deeper into how water consumption and loss works for your dog. Similar to us humans, dogs lose water in their bodies throughout the day. This water dissipates through a variety of means: by sweating, by using the bathroom, and simply by expending energy. Even just losing 10 to 15 percent of the water in its body can cause a dog to become ill and eventually die. This is why it is vital to ensure that your dog is constantly hydrating itself.

So what is the ideal amount of water to give your dog each day? The answer to this depends on how much your dog weighs. It is important that for every pound your dog weighs, it consumes the equivalent number of ounces of water. For instance, if your dog weighs 25 pounds, it should be consuming at least 25 ounces of water daily. Monitor this very carefully.

In order to encourage your dog to drink as much water as possible, position its water bowl where it is most easily accessible. Purchase one that can’t be easily knocked over. Clean the bowl every day as well so that it remains sanitary for your dog. If you are walking your dog on a particularly hot day, be sure to bring your dog’s bowl and a cold bottle of water with you to keep him cool and comfortable. Most importantly, he will remain hydrated and healthy. It is not a good idea to allow your dog to drink from the toilet bowl as it is unsanitary.


Keep Your Dog In Top Shape

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Keeping Our Best Friend in Top Shape

Remember when you first had a pet dog? Remember when he got sick? or the time where he learned a new trick? Remember when our dogs were our life companions ’til death? Yes, everyone remembers.

The truth is, no matter how much evolution today’s technology goes through, there’s still a huge spot for our original life companions. They stick with us no matter how busy we get. No matter how much we ignore them at times, they’re loyal. The best way to repay our dogs is with acts of love and kindness. They aren’t there forever, we should extend our love to them ASAP.


Walk with your dog at the park or around your village. Dogs love to explore the great outdoors and would love it even more if they do it with their master. You could also play fetch with them! Grab a ball or a stick, and let them retrieve it for you. This way, you and your dog could form a stronger bond while exercising.

Dog tricks

Teach Your Dog Tricks

Teach your dog things, and you won’t regret a single thing. Just like humans, they could learn by using proper techniques. By treating them just like human beings, their learning curve would be not as steep, and they’d be more behaved. Hitting them is a big NO.

Food, shelter, and grooming is also a big factor. Let them sleep in a comfortable place and feed them with food they’re allowed to eat. Groom your dog every once in a while, to keep them cleam and help lessen the chances of them getting sick. Most importantly, take your dog to the vet atleast every month, so you could prevent any future problems with regards to your pet.

Among the rest, this is probably the easiest, make him feel like he’s part of the family!